Book Publications

Bappco Prakashana, a division of THE BANGALORE PRESS, came into existence. In 1919, the first publication, 'Nature in Windows' by Woodro Wilson, was published by Bappco. As mentioned by Sir M. Visvesvaraya himself, out of his six significant works, 'The Planned Economy' published by Bappco in 1934 occupied a prominent place. This is the first book regarding Indian Economic system. It discussed the 10-Year Plan, based on which the 5-Year plan was evolved.

Bappco started publishing Kannada literary works after 1932, starting with 'Sahitya Prerane' by Masti Venkatesha Iyengar. Having appreciated the quality of printing, Masti Venkatesha Iyengar, in the preface to the book, said, “henceforth all my works will be published by Bappco”.

Bappco has published 370 prolific works, significantly contributing to Kannada literature :

* Rigveda Samhita (6 Volume series) by Prof. H.R. Wilson (1926)

* Ramayana and Lanka, by Justice ParamashivaIyer (1940)

* Srikara Bhashya, by Sripathi Panditacharya, edited by C. Hayavadana Rao (570 Pp, 2 Vol., in Devanagari). 

* Paataaladalli Papacchi, by Na. Kasturi

* Mumbai Vaasada Nenapu, by V. Seetharamaiah

* Prakruti, by U.R. Anantha Murthy

* Singaravvamattu Aramane, by Dr. Chandrashekhar Kambar

* Hettodalu, by M.K. Indira 

In English, books on nutrition, history, political philosophy and culture have had all-India sales. Dr. Swaminathan's Food & Nutrition series have gone into more than 20 editions and reprints.

Chakravarthi Srinivasa Gopalacharya's 3000 page–6 volume, Samskrutha-Kannada shabdakosha (dictionary) is considered an authority in the field.