About Us

Busy executives living away from home often find it difficult to keep in touch with their traditions and culture. How often have you missed celebrating a festival simply because you didn't even know when it was? Or missed wishing somebody close to you on his wedding anniversary?

Do you want to keep track of important festivals or events and be reminded about them? Or may be you want to keep track of the religious festivals at some of the many temples in India or abroad . If these and other means of staying in touch with our rich Indian culture are important to you, wherever you are, then this is the site that can fill that need.

Our site offers you information on festivals and temples, provides you detailed calendars that give you invaluable information on each day of the year, panchangas, a facility to keep a personal scheduler for all important events and much more. You will get personalised e-reminder services!

Indian culture is rich and with time is making greater impact on the rest of the world as well. For years now, to the people of Karnataka and indeed most parts of South India, THE BANGALORE PRESS has been one of the most popular providers of calendars, diaries, panchangas and generally information on Indian culture and religious rights that are of interest in our daily lives. This website is a modest beginning in our journey towards e-enabling some of our existing services and extending some new services on the web. We welcome you to use these services. If this site serves even in a small way to increase this interest, we will feel satisfied.

THE BANGALORE PRESS values its association with dealers and customers around the world. We have initiated our efforts to use technology to assist you in procuring our products. You can now find out about any of our products on the web, and even place orders.